Nefeli Kommata


Nefeli Kommata is a multitasker. Studying Business Administration, focused on Marketing, at University of Macedonia and at the same time Literature at private school “Tabula Rasa”.
She is also a columnist for and Fashion has always been a passion
of hers and “InspiRED” is a project she’s been dreaming of for a very long time.


Alexandra Riba


Alexandra Riba is a young photographer
living in Thessaloniki, Greece, born in 1997.
She is a third year student at the “School of
Film Studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”. She also studies contemporary photography at “Stereosis School of Photography”.


Nick Bravos


Nikos wants himself to be always
up-to-date with the latest technological
developments while he is highly interested
in matters concerning artificial intelligence.
Nikos is also a fan of fantasy literature,
with J.R.R Tolkien being his favorite author.