Autumn Date



Dress : Forever 21 / similar here

Leather JacketZara

Heels : Forever 21 / similar here


Hello beautiful people! ❤

Welcome back to my blog, where I go on imaginary dates and talk on phones that don’t work any more. Well, blogging life!

What did I tell you in my previous post? I love plaid. And also, peter pan collars and skater dresses. Combine all this stuff together and you have the loveliest dress, kinda inspired by Wednesday Addams, kinda not ( don’t mind me, every collar reminds me of Wednesday anyway).

I didn’t add much to this outfit exept of the heels and the leather jacket because I think this dress is enough to make a statement. It’s perfect for a night out to the theater or to a more formal event, but you can always rock these kind of dresses with some army boots and a fishnet. Good girl with bad intentions, right?

Next week’s post is gonna be the last “pre-made’ look. I’m a bit nervous to be honest, it’s not that easy to continue my work here; life is so different and I actually feel out of my comfort zone when it comes to blogging stuff. Hope things will change soon… InspiRED needs some love, right?

See ya all next week with a new Beast… Hell yeah.

xoxo, Nefeli

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