Top : Stradivarius

Skirt : Bershka

Shirt : Stradivarius

Platforms : Arte Piedi / similar here

Necklace : H&M


Hellooooo there! ❤

Welcome back to my blog where photographs are taken in Greece but the post is actually uploaded from Estonia. Well then, what can we do about it? Erasmus life it is.

This is my first Autumn post and I couldn't be more excited. I have so many fall/winter looks in my head, and here, with the extremely cold weather, I for sure have to embrace the amazing winter fashion. Not sure about the Estonian prices though!

This outfit is perfect for all the kinda-hot-but-not-that-bad days. You can always take the shirt off and then boom! summer outfit again. I know for sure I couldn’t wear it here, but maybe you, lucky people, have still some summer days left. I never thought that I would say that, but I kinda envy you.

Love the trichromy of black, white and brown. It adds something to the look and you can always play with your handbag if you want to. If you replace platforms with boots, your outfit becomes 100% fall approved. My suggestions, your choices.

All September’s looks are gonna be “made in Greece” but let’s pray I find someone here nearly as good as Alex for the rest of the winter. It’s so difficult to work with someone new when you’re used to have the best one for so long. #AlexIloveyouandImissyou

See ya all next Thursday…

From Tallinn with love,

xoxo Nefeli ❤


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