Romper : Nasty gal/ similar here



Shirt : Vintage



Hello beautiful people! ❤

Welcome back to our Wonderland…ready to learn more about the special creatures living here?

Let me introduce you to Theo Papadopoulos, a guy from another world…I mean, look at him, he doesn’t even look like a real person, to be honest. So happy that he agreed to join InspiRED and become my August Beast. Lucky to have him.

This whole shoot seems like a dream to me. The picnic, the woods. the white theme … it’s like we’re living in  a magical forest or something. Too pure.

I’m wearing this amazing romper from Nasty Gal and I feel so delicate, maybe because it compliments my skin color. And the contrast with the red hair?…Yeaaah I like it.

Theo is wearing a plain white shirt with beige trousers and his hair color pleases our aesthetics. Combine his amazing blue eyes as well and you have the perfect “dream guy”. Can you tell I’m in love with this shoot?

That’s all for now because I have just started my new life as an Erasmus student and there are SO many things to do… Actually the others are drinking right now…May I join them?

See you very soon!

xoxo, Nefeli

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