Hungry Eyes




SkirtCharlotte Russe


DenimForever 21


Hello beautiful people! ❤

Welcome back to the…50's! In case you thought you saw everything in this blog…be prepared for the most vintage / Grease / Dirty Dancing inspired look ever done. I LOVE IT.

This outfit could easily be worn by Sandy or Baby or even by a sweet, sweet cheerleader living her happy life. I mean, who could ever be sad in this outfit anyway?

Let me tell you, baby pink is actually everything. It suits this skater skirt so well, that my good old black one –worn in the previous post– looks pretty much boring right now. What do you think? Paired with a white T-shirt like this one, or a crop top, or something black and edgy shoes, the skirt can be easily dressed up or down in seconds. And it’s sooo cute!

As for the T-shirt itself, let me admit that “Dirty Dancing” is one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time. I saw the top, I fell in love and the rest is history. Love to tie it up and wear it with a high-waisted jeans as well. (Patrick Swayze was one of the most beautiful men and I have to share it with the world somehow).

Did you notice that I matched my ribbon with my shoelace? Such a professional. If these sneakers remind you of something, it’s because you’ve already seen them. In Scarlet.

As you can see I really had the time of my life in this shoot. It’s a unique outfit, a huge step out of my comfort zone but I really, really like it and I can’t wait to wear it on as many summer mornings I can.

And remember; Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

xoxo, Nefeli


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