“Off the Wall”




Skirt : Bershka / similar here




Hello people! ❤

Welcome back to the blog where things are getting a bit fierce. A wild combination of Avril Lavigne’s youth style and Recess’s Spinelli. Need I say more?

Street looks like this one are forever my favorite. Yes, dresses are cool and colors are fun, but in comparison to a bold total black outfit, there is simply no competition. The winner is obvious.

What a better place to wear a skater skirt than at a skating rink. I mean, come on, I had to! All the vibes and the cool poses and boom! one of my favorite looks of all time. I’m clearly feeling myself and there’s nothing you can do to stop me from feeling like a total badass too!

The look is pretty easy, a perfect skirt you can wear in a million ways and a plain top you can combine with everything. Vans as always and high knee socks because they look pretty damn cool. Ready to go.

Star of the show though; THE PERFECT DENIM. The coolest Barbie thing you’ll ever see. Never too old and never too embarrassed. If you dare, just go and buy it, I’m seriously in love. You?

Next week should be a Beast post but blame it on summer and the crazy schedule and just be patient for another week. I promise it will be worth it!

See you all next Thursday!

xoxo, Nefeli ❤

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