Cherry Blossom




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Hello beautiful people! ❤

Let’s explore a garden today, shall we?

We should wear something colorful, comfortable and bold. Who knows into what creatures we are going to run? I think we should impress them anyway.

That’s why I chose this baby pink top to tie with the funky playsuit, covered in flowers and plants. It looks so beautiful and it’s perfect for a morning adventure but I have to warn you that is a pain in the ass to be tied up. You see the straps on the back? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

I had this flower crown forever and I had to snap some pictures with it as it compliments the fairy background. As always, the hair stand out, but never forget the iconic Ariel’s pink dress; is it too bad to combine red and pink after all? Not sure yet.

This look is a decent everyday option and you can never go wrong with converse too. Oh, those hot summer days!

As for me, I’m enjoying some holidays and hopefully getting some tan; let’s see if August is going to be the lucky month.

See ya all next Thursday!

xoxo, Nefeli


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