Wonder Wheel


Top : Bershka

Skirt : Bershka

Shoes : Bershka

Leather Jacket : Bershka


Hello people! ❤

Welcome back to… my theme park! It’s all fun and games here…and maybe some fashion too!

Today’s outfit is a total Bershka look and from now on I think they should sponsor me forever #maybeoneday. What can I say, this store just gets me!

Love the bold combo of this beautiful periwinkle top with the tartan skirt ( I like everything tartan, don’t mind me). Most of the times I would pair the skirt with a more neutral T-shirt, like a white one or something, but since I started the blog I feel braver to try out new things. From all this experimenting I think I’m convinced to let go of my black and white obsession and be more open to colors. Who knew!

These camel platforms aren’ t only perfect for everyday life but for smashing a theme park too. Not your regular flats anyway. And let’s inore the leather jacket at 33 degrees, we do crazy things to complete an outfit sometimes.

That’s all for now babies. Hope to see you again next Thursday… Feel free to share the post or comment down below!

xoxo, Nefeli


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