Sneakers Bershka



Hello people! ❤

I'm back to my natural habitat and you can feel the flower power! The yellow and the sunshine were all good, but guys, let’s talk about RED for a minute… Ιt’s beautiful ❤

Today's look is perfect for living the vocation dream while actually staying in the city. Blame it on the floral. I love this kimono and the million ways it can spice up an outfit. You wear it for style, you wear it for coverage, you wear it for protection from the breezy summer nights. Perfection.

The rest of the look is kinda simple and self-explained with the classic denim shorts and this detailed red top. Love the sneakers though; they remind me of all the picnics I haven't done in my life.

The red outfits will always have a special place at my heart. I love my black and white world but only if I can paint some of its parts red. #poetry

See ya next week with a new Beast. Are you ready for the summer edition of your favorite column? You should be.

xoxo, Nefeli


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