Mary Jane


TopForever 21

JeansPull & Bear

Shoes : All Star Converse

Flannel : Pull & Bear / similar here


Welcome back people! ❤

29 on June today and summer might actually have been transformed into autumn. Sounds fine to me! What can I say, I love it when it’s all cloudy and rainy (this messed weather has the code name “Nefeli”; everything makes sense). Gimmie all the fall vibes.

On today’s post you can see my go-to look. If I had to choose only one outfit to wear for the rest of my life is this – black jeans with a white T-shirt (cropped or tied and definitely with a logo) and some edgy boots. You can clearly see I’m feeling myself in the photos (and maybe a little more badass than usual). God bless the grunge.

The red flannel is kinda necessary, a final touch that makes the outfit 100% better. Also, love my good old All Stars; actually so old that there was no chance to find an available link. I don’t know if and where you can find them, but I couldn’t, so good luck!

Don’t tell Batman about this Spider-Man top,ok? I’ll always be his girl no matter what- spidey is just a crush. My heart is big enough for both of them though.

Let’s see if the next post is going to be a little more summer-friendly. And if not, nevermind, we ‘ll pretend it’s Autumn once again.

xoxo Nefeli ❤


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