Witch, Please


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Hello people! ❤

Welcome back to the blog and I hope you all enjoy the subtle magic this post is spreading. Didn’t you notice my Harry Potter top? Gryffindor and Proud ❤

It was about time to express my love for the magic world, especially now when I’m studying for normal school exams instead of Hogwarts’ potions or transfiguration. Never mind, sooner or later  my letter will arrive.

Ok, back to the post –  the overall dress thing and the million ways you can wear it. It’s actually a must for your wardrobe because you can wear it all year long. Trust me, I do. Just throw a t-shirt in summer, a light sweater in spring, a long sleeve in autumn and don’t forget to add stockings in winter. God knows how incredible an overall/ dungarees actually is.

I will not go on about my Gryffindor top for much long, I’ll just say that is a gift from my girl Alex, the mastermind behind all these amazing pics ( you’ re the best and I love you).

The details though; cutest socks ever, hat that enhances the witchy vibes and a watch full of stars. Can I say I love this look?

Tell me if you agree and if you want to join my Harry Potter marathon when my exams are finally over. Wish me luck!

See ya all next Thursday!

xoxo Nefeli ❤


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