Shorts : Chica Clothing / similar here

Platforms : Arte Piedi /  VERY similar here



Hello people! ❤

Welcome back to the blog and back to the black and white outfits. Ok, sure,  color was fun,  but let’s be real; there’s nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of a monochrome outfit.  Agree?

For today’s look, I decided to wear a very flowy shirt which turned out to be quite perfect for the extremely hot day. I cannot count the times this white shirt has saved me so far; it can be dressed up, dressed down, paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, whatever your heart wants. Perfection.

The shorts I’m wearing may look like a skirt but they definitely aren’t! Sadly, I bought them last year and I couldn’t find an available link, which kinda sucks ’cause they’re too comfortable and pretty!

Love the platforms, so easy to walk on, while giving an extra up! to the look. Also, I’m wearing my favorite watch ( a gift from the best sister in the world ) which- what a surprise! – is black and white too.

What can I say, I’m addicted. I could never thank enough my hair for giving life to my otherwise colourless looks. Yay for the redheads.

See ya all next Thursday!

xoxo, Nefeli ❤

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