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Hello people! ❤

Welcome back to Inspired where a little redhead girl takes photos and wears tops with rainbows. Ok, let’s be real, I don’t really like colors and I much prefer the whole black and white theme. However, there are days where the sun is shining and the birds are singing and I have to wear all these fun and happy outfits. Who knew?

Let’s start with the top ’cause to be honest, it’ s the first thing you notice (after the whole hair thing). It’s cropped but loose and that means 2 things; it’ s hella comfy but you may look like you have put some extra pounds on. Nevermind, just change posture!

I chose plain denim shorts just to show off my pale legs once again. Let’s hope to a tan someday. These Vans though. They have parrots all over them and I’m obsessed. A huge thanks to my girl, Alex,  for lending me these babies for the shoot. #luckylucky

How do you feel about the sunglasses? I find them pretty cute! Be sure to check Nora’s NYC website and if you find something you like, use my code NewShades for 10% off!

This look is way different from my previous post or probably from my next too, but… here’s to change! Style is such a unique thing and it would be sad if every outfit we wore looked exactly the same. Dare to try something new-  even to draw some freckles on.

Have fun. I sure do! 

See ya all next Thursday,

xoxo Nefeli ❤

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