Addams Family



Dress : Boohoo  (or Clothing )

Shoes : Forever 21/ similar here

Sunglasses : Komono


Shirt : Jack & Jones

Trousers : Pull&Bear

Shoes : Vans

Sunglasses : Ray-Ban

Watch : Daniel Wellington

Welcome back people!

He’s finally here. Let me introduce you to my favorite boy and my second Beast… Adam Diam!  ❤

For our shoot, I wanted something classy and elegant. Of course, it had to be total black, because… well, black is always gonna be the new black. Shout out to my hair, for being a touch of color to my usual monochrome outfits.  Also, yes, I’m a very pale girl, trust me, I know.

There’s not much to say about the look, as everything is kinda obvious. Black formal dress for me and black shirt for Adam. I wanted it to be simple, yet beautiful. You can always make a good impression, even when you don’t wear any accessories at all. It’s all about the attitude. And the shoes.

There are quite a few portraits in this shoot and I have to admit that I love them. It seems like there’s a story behind, and with the black combo, it looks mysterious. Maybe we do belong to Addams family after all.  (Ad(d)am(s)? Anyone? )

That’s all for now. See ya all next Thursday! ❤


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