Paint it Red





Boots: Luigi Footwear /  (very) similar here


Necklace: Forever 21/ similar here


Hello people! ❤

I bet you’ve been expecting this… finally something red on Inspired! (Besides my hair, obviously). Well, it was about damn time.

I think jeans compliment red color SO good, I mean, look at the photos, everything red just pops! Let’s talk about the boots though.  I’m sure they weren’t only made for walking, but for catching all the eyes too! Wish I could wear them every day.

In other news, this is my first time wearing mom jeans. I’m not sure how I feel about them yet, maybe I’ll get used to the style eventually! I tied up the shirt just to show some skin and to let the belt have it’s own little moment. Also, let the hair be curly for a change.

How many red details are too many red details? I couldn’t skip the lipstick!

See ya all next Thursday ❤

Xoxo Nefeli

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