Why so serious?



T-Shirt: Bershka / similar here

Trousers:  Bershka/ similar here

Vans:  Old Skool

Leather Jacket:  Zara



T-shirt: Bershka / similar here


VansOld Skool

Leather JacketZara


The time has come!!

Meet my first Beast, my good friend George Madem! ❤

As you can see, George and I… well, we have the same sense of style. We wear the exact same outfit, but I swear, we bought nothing together or on purpose (in my defense, this T-shirt is a few years old; we didn’t even know each other back then!). Just a boy and a girl who look like an advertise for Bershka or something. Looking good huh?

We are the perfect example of what “unisex outfit” means. Same clothes, different sex but I think we both pulled it off great! This Joker T-shirt is one of my favorites because… well I don’t know, I just love white T-shirts with logos and this one is Batman themed. Need I say more? Plaid trousers rule. Same for Old Skool, but you already know it, don’t you?

I’m seriously in love with this shoot,  my absolutely favorite so far. Feels good to do this with a friend! Expect more woman-man outfit combos, as I plan to do them once a month, for the column “Beauty and the Beasts”.  It’ ll not be the exact same outfit every time, but definitely something matchy-matchy!

See ya all next Thursday!

xoxo, Nefeli


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